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¨ Avoid using stand-alone “dial-up” ATM machines. Use the ATM at the bank instead of the convenience store.


¨ Use your card as a credit card whenever possible.  Credit purchases are usually protected by the credit card company against fraud, and it prevents a thief from completely wiping out your checking account and racking up insufficient funds charges against you.


¨ Closely guard your pin number. Do not share it, write it down and carry it with you, or allow bystanders to see you enter it.


¨ Know your bank’s policies regarding fraud. Do they refund money taken fraudulently? Do they notify you of suspected fraud? How do you report a suspected fraud?


¨ Keep a close check on your accounts.  Notify the bank immediately if you see a charge you did not make.


¨ Only carry what you need.  Keep social security cards and rarely used credit cards in a safe place at home.


¨ Prepare for the worst.  Make a copy of everything you carry in your wallet, front and back. Keep these copies in a safe place at home in case your wallet is stolen or misplaced. The banking institution’s phone number to report a lost or stolen card is printed on the back of the card, and it is helpful to have the full card number readily available if you need to call.


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Fraud Prevention Tips: